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As history continues to remind us, global influences have hastened to become one of the most dominant forces in shaping modern day economics as well as the fabric of our society. Its far reaching impact touches every aspect of business activity either directly or through a trickle down effect. With such a powerful source of change, it has become mandatory for corporate management to maintain a keen awareness of world happenings.

Competition from emerging trade centers is compelling U.S. industry to search for new overseas markets or to expand existing markets. Preparing for this journey involves a thorough understanding of the nuances associated with the conduct of global transactions. Cultural diversity, international law and marketing strategies are just a few of the areas of prime consideration.

Since 1981, the Suburban Maryland International Trade Association has taken a leadership role in addressing issues of critical concern to business interests. Our cooperation with regional governments, local business organizations and private ventures has given SMITA an added dimension that yields benefits to all involved. We look forward to continuing to serve the community well into the future.

At this juncture, SMITA has changed its focus and will concentrate its efforts on developing relationships with resources such as Chambers of Commerce assisting them in promoting the growth of international business awareness.



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